Miss mum
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In this primarily school in a village of Lishui City Zhejiang Province, nearly 30 of 200 children live in one-parent family, all without mother’s accompany, not for death nor divorce. Their mothers run away from the village and never come back again.

These mothers is a special group named“bought wife”, they are form Yunnan, Guizhou and some West China province, in local saying, these woman are “bought” with 30 thousands around RMB bride-price. Because of poverty, many villagers, even in East China, have no choice but to owe a debt to marry. Many of them are still on debt even their “bought” wife have run away.

According to the interview with local villagers, those “bought wife” were happy when proposing the marriage, because they thought life in Zhejiang, a rich province in general, would be better. They did not realize the husband’s family as poor as their previous ones until they arrived the village in Zhejiang. After having a baby, these woman tried any ways to leave the village.

For those children, the objects of mother could be a life-time memory or short-term pain. I want to convey the emotion and feeling of children by taking portraits of children with objects left by his/her mother.