Fragile Boundary
Project info

My work is not a documentary fixation of reality, it is an attempt to convey moods and sensations, elusive and inexpressible fluids. At the same time, I do not contradict the documentary matter of photography. I do not bring any rude interference, changing the digital reality for the sake of efficiency. All the pictures are authentic, with no graphic edition.

It is a balance between the edges of reality and some subtle substances. It is a trying to touch a stretched veil between the familiar and inexplicable matters. To breathe the air of another world without damaging the sensitive membrane. To see the elusory things and remain unnoticed. To look beyond the land of Deepwater Fish.

I talk about the beauty in ordinary things. About many things, often go unnoticed and seem insignificant in bustle and ‘foam’ of the days. About the fragility and majesty of nature. About the air that is invisible, but essential to exist.

I’m looking for simple sensations like stone roughness, sun warmth and wind freshness. Like salty sea serenity. Like solemn harmony of attraction of moon. Like a sense of ice slipperiness and a twilight forest alarm. Like a deep gap between the heart beats.

I’m talking about the life on the Boundary.