Pardon Me
Project info

I met this beautiful woman who is a social media specialist, with an inner soul of a classic queen. She entered my competition online for a free photoshoot with me one afternoon and to her surprise and gratitude, she won! I always try to think of ways to continually create and connect with others, especially those fragile and curious who dream.

She had told me she has never had a professional photoshoot, other then headshots and she's always had bad experiences with photographers. I thought instantly she was so beautiful and I could not wait to make her dream and inner confidence radiate as she was scared and to herself, bold enough to submit. I was intrigued and so impressed by her beauty that she did not see. She wanted this classic type atmosphere and showed me her dress. The rest was game over. I found a studio downtown LA that mimicked the environment, and pulled in a bath tub, a plant and we did her hair like Briget Bardo, ourselves, not knowing what we are doing. We did her makeup added accessories, furniture and this phone, from several other studios and during one late afternoon the sun was beaming into the studio illuminating her natural beauty. I wanted to capture the idea of 'A classic never going out of style" and she was the perfect woman for the opportunity. I have never submitted my work before but Had Lens Culture reach out via instagram about "Pardon Me", the photo, and I was so excited to try and submit something we through together, effortlessly, and had the most fun anyone could have doing so. It's my job to get inspired and capture a moment. Sometimes it comes easily and sometimes we have to make our subject laugh and shake around the room to relax and feel at ease. I was in the hospital, running out to make this deadline after a mini scare with my health. I don't expect anything as I am not the best, but I love what I do, and having a chance to get creative and build other woman's confidence and self esteem is a dream come true in itself. That is why I'm in love with photography. This is not just a photo, this is a moment captured in time, while making someone very happy. I would be humbled and so honored to be considered. Thank you so much and I wish I had the time to review my statement but at least I know its from the bottom of my heart. With love and gratitude to all woman who wish to have a voice, there is always hope.