Project info

My work is strongly inspired by symbolism with special emphasis upon the roles of light, color, movement, and perception. I often become fascinated with a subject, such as fire or cicadas, and study it at length through my artwork. Nowhere is this more evident than in my work with light. I discovered light painting accidentally while on vacation in San Francisco, California. I jumped off a BART, ran into the nearest camera shop, and left mesmerized by long exposure photography shot at night.

I have since refined my techniques many times over and often work in a blacked-out art studio, incorporating elements of dance and hand movements into the photographs, along with a labyrinth of LED lights. I indulged in several Middle Eastern dance classes years ago and fell in love with “pretty hands”, i.e., the pretty hand movements used throughout dancing. I’ve come to incorporate these dances and hand movements into my light painting and, over time, added elements of ecstatic movement and much more. Each image is deeply symbolic for me.