Project info

A photo series that focuses its lens on those small glimpses of calm within the chaos of the city.

See, I have recently found myself getting increasingly anxious and overwhelmed over the growing state of restlessness of the city, and I’ve observed that I am not the only one. We have found ourselves amidst a society who constantly desire to remove themselves from the rigors, realities, and responsibilities of daily life, we all have our different motives, manners, and routes--with the advent of the internet we have found a more accessible, temporary means in which to do so. The increasing desire to “wander” beyond the concrete confines of their schools and offices, vicariously living off of “snaps”, “stories”, and the narratives of others. It’s disheartening to see people find solace through others’ lives, why not see the beauty in their own? Experiencing, on and off, a personal feeling of limbo I’ve decided to focus on my present state, observe and appreciate what I have in the present. I decided that being surrounded by concrete and glass isn’t always a dreary thing--observing golden hours, clouds and sunsets, seeing how they form different shapes every day I realized that the city can be my canvas and palette, I can capture these small moments of calm, even creating new ones.