Project info

Summer after summer I return to the home village of my father's family in the south of Norway. From my home in Quito/Ecuador to Nevlunghavn I have to overcome 10.000 km and 2900 m difference in altitude. But as soon as I reach the bend on the country road from where I can see the bay, the archipelago and the old lighthouse in the distance, my heart takes a leap of joy. I am at home, in a place where I have never lived.

Year after year I photograph the sea, the horizon, the rock formations, the archipelago in the blue hour...
Although I have known everything for over 50 years, I discover something new every summer. The place does not change, but my vision grows broader.

Zen Norte was created on a few magic evenings in the summers of 2017 and 2018. The sea was as smooth as glass, no wind at all, the stones with their snails between ebb and flood in a kind of visual state of suspension. Peace, harmony, srenity, Zen in the north – Zen Norte