Quilting –A part of memory (片鱗)
Project info

The object of the series is the modern architecture built between the Korean empire and the Japanese occupation during the colonial period.

Not long ago, many modern buildings in Seoul were 'remnants of Japanese colonial rule' or It was demolished in indifference for the same reasons as 'traces of shameful history'. The remaining buildings that have not been demolished are becoming faded and retain their shape in the place.

Modern architecture, however, is a symbol of Korean modern history and a center of history. It is a historical evidence to prove the era that it had been buried and buried, but it certainly played a role in linking time. In other words, it has value as a kind of 'passage' that encounters past and present.

Since the building was built on the ground, people from various eras have photographed memories of buildings. The photos are rich in the Internet where all information is digitized. I searched the modern architecture on the portal site and archived photos of buildings photographed in various ages and classified them by building. Based on the photographs I took, I used Photoshop to engrave them.

Sculptures in the form of buildings are photographed in different eras, although they are photographed in the same building. In this work, which is connected with various sculptures of various periods in one form, the building becomes a symbol of contact and connects the past and the present.

But history does not end at present. History is a progressive form of time that leaves a trace of contact and creates the future. At this moment, memories through the buildings are being made. This work is also ongoing. A piece of ' Is a part of a building that looks like another in the future and will communicate with us now.