Modernism overlaps
Project info

This series is made in Brasilia, famous for its architecture. The
images are not collages nor created scenes as it may look at a first
glance. Every photo is double exposure, made with a digital camera, and without a tripod. They are made by exploring details from modernism architecture in the capital of Brazil. I enjoy looking at the lines and curves of Oscar Niemeyer's buildings and make interesting compositions from them. This is my first digital essay from my research in architectural photography. Before this I made some analog film series.
The colours in each image resulted from using the 'cross process'. Although each photo is a simple single shot, made by observing the buildings and architecture, sometimes they look like a collage, a painting or a surreal image.

This series is a starting point for developing some new works in the
future. I am interested in developing new works from those images. I have the intention to paint or multiply the images and try
different supports. Especially, I like making three-dimensional work,
like sculptures, from my images. I am very interested in thinking and
exploring what one can create using the photos. There can be many
surprising outcomes and results.