StillWaterWatching, 2019
Project info

This is project whereby I explore (bio-)diversity as well as still vs moving images, whereby I set out to create an immersive kind of installation. Videos are made by independently floating camera's, to show the world of diverse sources of water as 'it' might see and experience its' world. Stills are taken from these videos (often just one image out of very many (60 frames per second), so the stills are often not visible to the naked eye in the video, and I would never have been able to capture them with a still camera. These stills are put in a slideshow, with fades in between so new images are achieved. This is projected on a light screen made of biodegradable bags (alternative to plastic) which moves with every passersby. It is about looking at a world we take for granted, yet which is crucial to our survival.