The Displaced
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The Displaced (2019)

Silesia, 6th May 1945: My grandmother was given a few minutes notice to leave her house with her family before Russian troops occupied her small home town that day - a few months before the end of World War 2. She stuffed the pram of her one-year old baby with a few clothes, some essentials and very few valuable objects before leaving the family home with all her three young children to set out on a journey into the unknown for over 4 years. With my grandfather being drawn into military service in the last months of the war and being prisoner of war for a few years afterwards, the family managed to reunite and settle down about 800km away from their hometown in the Western part of Germany.

This project explores the displacement of my family by combining the very few existing photographs of that time with images of the few precious items my grandmother managed to rescue and keep safe through the arduous journey and in challenging circumstances.

I believe that my family’s experiences of becoming refugees are still resonating with today’s unsettled circumstances worldwide – with millions of people currently being uprooted and forced to leave their homes for a very uncertain future.