Project info

“Moonlit” is a portfolio of imaginary landscapes composed of decaying mossy tree stumps and starry, unearthly skies. These images are presented 30” x 20” on high gloss resin coated Canson paper in order to create the clearest view possible of these alternate worlds.
“Moonlit” originated during daily hikes during which I noticed an especially abundant crop of moss growing on tree stumps. Despite their states of decay, their varied shapes recalled mountains and cliffs, the mosses evoked grass, trees, and bushes, and the littered debris mimicked paths, streams, and rocks. Studies show that the increases in temperature and humidity that we are experiencing can dramatically increase the rates of moss growth and wood rot - local evidence of climate change! Before they were consumed, I sought to create a series of portraits of these shrinking tree remnants. I could think of no better way to honor their existence than by giving them a towering perspective, lit by clear moon glow and starry skies (provided by the Hubble Space Telescope). The otherworldliness is meant to set these tree stumps apart from the mistakes of our world that may be affecting them. My hope is that respect for nature will lead to the changes needed to preserve it!