Breakfast with Ivis
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Ivis has lived in Jordan for over fifty years. She was born in Michigan and survived the Great Depression in a home made trailer traveling all over the U S with her parents, brother and their milk goat Nanny, while her father traded blankets for their living. Later her father, an engineer, invented the fork lift truck and eventually became Chief Engineer of Clark Equipment Company.

After University and while working in Chicago, Ivis met and married a Palestinian Arab. Twelve years later, after her husband acquired a Ph D, they moved with their three sons to Jerusalem to live near his family. Many of her friends in Amman shared a similar experience having met and married Arab men who were studying abroad.

Ultimately, because of the Six Day War with Israel, Ivis and her family were forced to leave their home and family in Jerusalem but not before she had borne her fourth child, a girl, in the linen closet of St. John's Opthalmic Hospital during the bombing of Jerusalem.

At another difficult time of her life, Ivis painted her dreams which were exhibited in a one woman show at the Jung Institute in Chicago as well as in Amman sponsored by the Ministry of Culture.

Every Wednesday in Amman for the past fifteen years, Ivis has invited old friends and new friends to breakfast which begins at eight. In the beginning, the breakfast was on Tuesday, so the present name is "Tuesday Breakfast on Wednesday".

These images were made between 2011 and 2014.