Negotiations (Bunker, Prison)
Project info

This is the series that I started in 2015. It is devoted to the conflicts in architecture of Wrocław (Poland). Photographs of the presence of prewar bunkers are confronted with the architecture of power, justice and punishment. Architecture which has its practical rules but also aesthetics. There are prisons and arrests in Poland located in prewar German buildings. And that is somehow confusing. Bunkers, which were formerly German constructions often come from the first decade of the 20th century. They co-create the character of the city in a very strong, often unnoticeable way through their influence on the housing. Buildings have to adjust to these bunkers, they need to negotiate their place. These massive constructions, with which no one really knows what to do, shape the multicultural identity of Wrocław. In private I call these constructions: “a subcutaneous layer of the city”.