Mod UK
Project info

This photographic project is a celebration of the current UK Mod scene. Mod is a subculture that began in the late 50’s and through the years, it has seen many variations to its original style. From the influence of Italian Jazz music through to the fashion influence of bands such as “The Who” and the Vespa and Lambretta scooters, mod is still very prevalent. Initially as a photographer I was visually attracted to the style of this interesting subculture. Alongside this I have been interested in socioeconomics and after seeing this subculture described as “Clean living under difficult circumstances.” I knew I wanted to document this subculture in the UK as it currently exists. I have become very interested in what the term Mod actually represents. The word Mod is short hand for modernist, which would indicate something new and exciting, although this subculture is based on something that first existed in the late 1950’s. Due to this the images try to hold a timeless quality to them, with no real indications to a time period in which they were made.