Blu in Italy
Project info

A voyage over a period of seven years in researching the different nuances. Besides from my
normal work routine, the research has turned into an adventure which made me tour Italy from
north to south, discovering a new emotional force, impressed with energy over the walls of our
A world of fantastic visions, dreams, utopia where our weaknesses, fears, perversions are shown
with expressive emotion on the walls of our cities, in the suburbs, until the doings of mankind and
the dust of time will dissolve them forever.
Stefano, in his first work, makes an attempt to present his own vision to be compared to the vision
of other artists who have likewise chosen the street to express their vision of the world.
A work, meant not only to highlight a moment of the urban landscapes of our cities, but also to
highlight a profound admiration for the artist that has created them.
All work is done in large format from 4x10" to 8x20" printed in silver-chloride paper contact print. This work will be printed on a book from Lodima Press.