October Flowers
Project info

The flowers are a part of good moment’s memories and of the main life celebrations. They are inserted in human culture for millions of years due it’s intrinsic beauty and the various symbolisms attached to them. They are used in order to show affection, respect, happiness and gratitude, to honor the Gods, nature and life. They have the power to turn an ordinary day in a special date. A simple environment in cozy. A paltry moment in unforgettable. And it is during October, with the arrival of spring, when flowers begin to bloom more, being a period in which nature gets more beautiful, gifting human being with colorful and fragrant flowers.
The flowers are also synonym of the feminine and purity. Having thought about it, I chose different flowers to express my feelings to ten women who are part of my life, even by affective, professional or blood bonds.
Thus, they were photographed and dressed with flowers and its meanings.
Being it with modesty and simplicity of the violet; with tranquility and calmness of calla lily; with positive and contagious energy of gerbera; with gratitude and admiration to carnation; the greatness’ aggrandizement of sweet camellia soul; the admirable and respectful champagne rose; with the wisdom and enchanting beauty of orchid; with endless love and recalls of pansy; the ease, peace and serenity of hydrangea or with pure love of lily, all of them own each unique style in beauty, harmony of colors and flowers type. Each of the photos has a special characteristic, turning it into an exceptional and personal bouquet.
By the time it is wished to thank someone, it is suggested the choosing of flowers to symbolize the affection feeling and the immense caress that it is had.
To all people who participate, I’ll be forever grateful.
I dedicate you these flowers as an admiration and respect proof.

As a photographer, I sought to test myself, transiting through different processes. In order to realize the idea, I worked in the studio, with a digital camera. I made the models photos in black and white, I revealed them and colored them manually. Afterward I applied over them flowers petals and photographed this intervention on the picture.