Under the Flyover
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Flyover. Everyday many thousands of people drive across the smooth upper surface of Croydon Flyover – never thinking of the dark, edgy world beneath their wheels. This is a dystopian triumph of 1960s brutalist architecture, or rather civil engineering, with the multiple levels of its concrete guts in plain view. The pedestrian subway footpath arching over the entombed bed of the River Wandle, if you have but eyes to see. A scattering of pedestrians hastening through the dark in a light snow fall. No one hangs about, but then, 2 years ago a young man was stabbed to death in the multi-storey car park. A year ago a woman was raped in the subway in broad daylight. This is an edgy place – insecurity by design. That’s as may be, but as always the dark side holds a deep allure, at least visually. Photographed on 28th February and 1st March 2018.