Rooms Without Doors
Project info

“Memories and dreams are intermixed in this mad universe.”
- Jack Kerouac

The images in this ongoing series could be described as a lyrical visualisation of internal processes like remembering, dreaming and feeling and how it all meets and mixes together in the psyche - in the rooms of my inner world. Therein it is about the dark things and beings from the past in the shady corners, foggy cellar rooms and in the old dark chambers without doors. And it's about the cold dust, wounded air and ghosts that are found sometimes between these inner spaces.

I use photography with a symbolic and poetic language to tell about me and my inner darks. I tell about them that way because there are often no words for very personal, difficult and profound inner processes and stories.

For this series I worked mainly with self-portraiture with an analog instant camera with double exposure and my scanner. I chose analog instant photography for this series, because this way the images look more intuitive and emotional to me - more like inner images, that are often also not so clean and sharp, but unsettled and blurry.