Project info

This series is located at what I call the edge of the world, the place where the land meets the sea. For some, this is a primordial place bringing to mind our earliest ancestors, while for others it is a spot to think about a homeland beyond the horizon, and for yet others it is a place of laughter and summer fun. For me it is a place that is the sum of all these moments and more, because it is where, if only for an instance, the traces of our lives entwine with others.

These traces are found in the ever changing patterns of the receding surf, or in the grains of sands that are constantly reshaped by the elements. They are evident in the signs of absence indicating presence. They are also seen in the sea spray which when illuminated by the light gives a ghostly presence to all in its path. At the edge of the world, people pause and then are gone but the influence of their presence lingers, just as footprints in the sand remain for a moment before disappearing with the changing tide.