Project info

Wine on film turned out to be an interesting collaboration between me and chance. During a transitional moment in my life I escaped on a short Black Sea journey in the town of Ravda. I was happy and feeling brave but at the same time so scared to think and just kept avoiding any thoughts about the near future. One day, while was opening the box with a negative film, I dropped it in my glass of wine. I took it out and left it outside my tent to get dry. In the morning when I woke up the first thing I saw was my film on the near rock at the beach, so I loaded it in my camera and was ready to move on and take pictures of my trip.

After I saw the images I was surprised how the purple violet color from the wine had amended them and had added a mysterious quality. The violet color is the dusk time light color. It is the transitional time between day and night, when something is moving from one state to another. Just like I did at the same time.