Deep Emotion of Human
Project info

Until now, Abstract photography just takes one part of a still object. But the fundamental concept of ‘Abstract’ is not a part of an object. Abstract photography has to express yourself by dots, lines, faces, and colors like any other art medium. If not, abstract photography does not need to be separate from Still photography. As everybody knows, a camera can take pictures that we see, but it also takes pictures that we can not see. I use a camera as a paintbrush by using a long-exposure. By blurring the boundaries of the object, I tried to remove clarity and add time to the photo to express the complex emotions that deepen as time passes. The emotions expressed through this series are from my personal experiences, as moving to a whole different country from my hometown. Loneliness was a great source for building a sense of colors to express emotion by photography. These new images are completed through digital developing. But the digital developing does not mean composed or manipulated. Developing means just coloring, exposure or contrast to create the photography. From this project, I'm aiming to build up Abstract photography as an art medium.