What Remains
Project info

What remains (Original Italian title “Quello che resta”) is a photographic research project started in January 2017, inspired by stories of the recent past in Italy - as Mafia attacks, political origin massacres and different nature accidents - focused on the families and the people close to the victims of tragic episodes, all looking for the truth.
We know the stories in the news, we remember the faces of the people who tragically disappeared, but we know next to nothing about people who remain; people who, apart from experiencing a great deal of pain as a consequence of the loss of someone dear, inherit battles in search of truth and justice.
A justice that doesn't only concern personal matters, but it relates to the entire society, which in turn is granted new rights.
By revealing the faces of the people who remain, we contribute to keeping the attention on the evolution of particular and specific incidents, which often bring anonymous and silent revolutions, which end up affecting all of us.
Each story is told and represented through a portraits series and introduced by summary sheets that trace the main events that have occurred in recent years.
To give visibility to the faces of those who remain is the only way to inform and maintain pressure on the evolutions of specific and particular events, which are the anonymous and quiet developments in which we are all necessarily involved. The photographic Series, is arranged in 27 reportage stories.
The stories are accompanied by in-depth texts on the evolution of the facts which are summarized here in the description section.
The series presented is a selection taken from the homonymous project that has become a book (Silvana Editoriale, May 2019), edited by Benedetta Donato with the Giovanna Calvenzi contribution, realized in three languages it/en/fr.