High Contrast
Project info

This collection of photographs, captured over the course of two years, registers an immediate sense of urgency with both its visual language and accompanying titles. Each image can be thought of as a self-contained struggle: the struggle of natural form between sea, air, and land, the struggle of structure upon an urban landscape, the struggle of politics amongst civilians and authority figures. This theme of strife and the dichotomies implicit within it can be traced in each image and complement the visual contrast of the photographs with contextual tension.

When viewed in order, High Contrast reveals a narrative of domination and the transfer of power from nature to humankind. Where the vastness of the natural world once trumped all human achievements, now stand towers of concrete. Where evolution was once the bearer of consistent, dependable change, there is now rapid development with uncertain future. The climax of the series alludes only to violence, uncertainty, and a barren world. This narrative in many ways mirrors the moment of tension in which we all exist now; it allows for reflection while urging for a resolve.