"Albinism, Albinism" - An Exploration of Light, Nature and Albinism in Africa
Project info

This series celebrates people living with albinism in arid places with a condition affecting how their bodies produce melanin – the colourant of hair, skin and eyes.

"Albinism, Albinism" is not a documentary piece. It doesn’t examine the challenges faced by albino communities in Tanzania or Uganda, the first being a country known for the brutalities that people with the condition have suffered in the recent past. Instead, the story centres on beauty. It is a continuation of my wider practice of using photography and storytelling to highlight the beauty of marginalised people, particularly LGBTQI+ and Afro communities. By showcasing them as protagonists through a sensitive lens I hope to change the narrative. I’m over tragic stories being the only ones told about these communities and about Africa. There’s so much beauty to be unearthed and brought to light.