Project info

STILL LIFE WITH SINGLE GIRL is a study of female singlehood. It requires strength, internal alignment and confidence to stop chasing relationships for a moment and let ourselves be and connect. The series captures moments when a single woman allows herself being single and doesn’t actively look for relationship. She accepts herself and her body while celebrating simple actions of her life.

In times of instantaneous “selfie” this series - of elaborated self-portraits with visible absence of any technology - intends to transport the viewer to internal world of the artist and trigger reflection on how we live our lives.

Singlehood remains a taboo in many cultures and even in Western World, where it is more socially accepted, the pressure of getting married and having children remains high. There exist judgment and tension in space that should remain fully private. This project intends to distance to external pressure of the inevitable question “How come you are single?” which is both judgmental and diminishing by pointing out unfulfilled societal expectations.