Wild at Heart: The Universal Human
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This series was photographed in the State of Pennsylvania, on land once owned by the Iroquois. The model used for the series is partly Native American, and symbolic in her own right.

This series was inspired by a poem entitled "The Fairy Child" written by the 18th Baron of Dunsany, Ireland, around 1920 that describes a young girl who leaves her home to live in the forest with nature. She notes that "from the low white walls and the church's steeple, from our little fields under grass and grain, I'm gone away to the Fairy people, I shall not come to the town again."

The Western world has long viewed man as separate from nature, with a manifest destiny of taming the natural world and using its resources. In recent decades, this view has been increasingly challenged as antithetical to our survival. The use of the central parts of the Christian Mass as titles of the parts of this series suggests even the Western world's most highly evolved formal ritual retains its roots in our relationship with nature, and our part in it.