The Poenies' Festival
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In Plenita, a small Romanian town with a population of 5.800 people, a spring celebration called “The Peonies’ Festival” revives the soul of the commune and its inhabitants by bringing them together in an almost magical atmosphere. The festival has taken place for the last 45 years at the end of May in a nearby forest where wild peonies grow, forming a natural reservation.

This year, more than 10.000 people from around the area came to rejoice, despite the absence of the peonies. With smoke rising from the barbecues, horses resting next to their carriages and clothes hanging on wires in the middle of wilderness, the atmosphere seemed much like a bygone fairytale, each of the guests playing a different character. Fun fair rides, helium balloons, bouncy castles and caravans, they all intertwined in a mixture of hippie and traditional, of both Wonderland and Disneyland.