Home-coming in the Blue City
Project info

Home. That was the theme I was shooting on for those 4 days on the streets of the "blue city", Jodhpur recently. Interestingly enough, Jodhpur also happens to be my “home (native) city”, although I have lived there only for about 2 years of my very early childhood. Secretly, I was also anxious to see if I was going to make some kind of a “new” connection to the place!

As it turned out, the “home” was much beyond the four walls - both literally and metaphorically. Foremost, it was about the people who were making a house their home. At one level, it was about their daily lives, and their activities and interactions with each other both within and outside their homes, as the physical boundaries stretched pretty much beyond the door steps. At another level, it was about their life stories - struggles, challenges, accomplishments, dreams - and all the emotions and expressions that came along, of sadness, joy, pride, hope.

Sometimes, it was not just about living in those homes, but also making a living, working out of those homes. An entire family engaged in a craft work; a mother and her two sons running a “hill view” guest house; two sisters running a grocery shop.

I felt much warmth when on seeking permission from random people to enter their homes, each time I was allowed in with welcoming smiles; on two occasions the residents even insisted that I have “chai” with them. As per them it was the minimum they should offer to a guest in Jodhpur. I also felt much pride within to see these values alive in my native place.

Hopefully, my pictures will give the viewer a sense of my experience and feelings, and let him/ her interpret what a home in Jodhpur can be about. For me, it was a home-coming of sorts!