Swarm intelligence, 2015
Project info

We're a bit like insects. We are ubiquitous. And sometimes comes an intense swarming = concentration of our power. Unlike insect communities, swarming of our community misses one single goal, a clear intent and some unified vision. Simply, we miss swarm intelligence.

Additional information:
The one photograph project – Swarm intelligence - is a digital manipulation.

The background landscape is comprised of 4 individual shots (full frame). The final print can be around 120 cm on longer side wide.

There are hundreds of machines in the photo that were inserted into the scene. Helicopters are in interrelated and chaotic movement and create several swarms. Emphasis is placed on the third dimension of the scene. The whole movement formation is stretched over the horizon and shows some momentum – as if the picture was taken on 1/60s . Helicopters which are in front, they have motion blur.

Helicopters were downloaded from the Internet and there are about 70 types of them. It is much less than the number of species that we know from actual insect kingdom. However, the existing number of types and kinds of helicopter demonstrates our creativity .