Violated landscape, 2014
Project info

They are everywhere. They are sticking up all over the Czech landscape. Antennas, transmission towers, water reservoirs, gas holders, lights, billboards, concrete plants, cooling towers, cranes and other techno-logical structures. Take a walk through the countryside. You almost cannot find a place not occupied by at least one of these.
We are aggressive beings, extensively violating the land. Yet I find all these structures profoundly fascinating, highly attractive, for we are not only invasive beings, but also creative.

Additional information:
The collection, Violated Landscape, is a digital manipulation– technology structures have been digitally sculpted into pristine landscapes..
The photos are based on two principles: the art of playing with details of the photographed constructions, and the believability of the constructed scene.

Each landscape is comprised of 3 to 4 individual shots (full frame). This results in a composed final photograph that may be printed at dimensions of up to 180 to 200 cm on its longest side, without loss of detail in either the structures or the landscapes. Large format printing is essential in this case to allow the viewer to be drawn into the landscape, approach the objects within it, explore them and to crawl around and climb upon them.

Critically, each photo of the collection speaks individually to the viewer, independent of the others.

The collection was created over a period of four years of intense work and served as my dissertation at the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava –a school which also produced several other well-known photographers including: Radim Zurek, Barbora Zurkova and Tereza Vlckova).