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In Iran the life, death and prayer are weaved together and border the time and spaces of everyday life.
Public life is a reflection of the moral strictness dictated by the State, otherwise the private sphere represents the natural Persian attitude.
Life, in some way, is divided between fiction and authenticity: once you pass by the domestic threshold, everything can change… the seriousness becomes warmth and irony, tears become smiles. A secret shot of vodka (coming from Turkmenistan) smells like freedom.
Faith is everywhere, his trademark is sewn on the flag of this country. Faith is pathos, faith is sorrow and, at the same time, is like a blatant staging. Faith is a control tool for the power and intimate sanctuary for enlightened soul.
The music that here is allowed to listen to, it is the bitter litany of tears: crying for Karbalāʾ martyrdom, for the victims of the war against Iraq… crying for find a way to purification, as the only way for Paradise.
The censorship's intention is that to trap people in their childhood and don’t give them the possibility to grow up.