Project info

Photo study RAL. Since January 2019 I have been working on the theme of the colour circle after Wolfgang A. Goethe. I created portraits of people and flowers in front of the background colours yellow, green, blue, violet, red and orange. Later, an examination of the phenomena of white and black was added. The result was a series of 8 photographs, one portrait and one flower photograph each, which attempt to mislead the viewer in the border area of colour perception. How is our gaze directed? Our perception and our prejudices, especially with regard to countries of origin, skin colours?

“RAL colour is the name given to standardised colours created and administered by RAL gGmbH (a subsidiary of the RAL Institute).

These are a series of colour systems and colour catalogues used worldwide, each of which comprises a range of standardised colours (digital and printed). Each colour is assigned a unique number. In this way, for example, the colour of paints and varnishes can be precisely communicated without having to hand over a colour sample.” Wikipedia definition of RAL.

But does such a system still work in a global world? Can we really meet in a human way when we think in standardized categories?

All images are processed in Lightroom in the areas of tinting, exposure, contrast, temperature to visualize the above-mentioned irritation.