Narrative and Dissolution: A Look Back to America's Past
Project info

The following images are taken from a number of narrative-driven projects all focusing on the period 1964-1974. Part of the pleasure of working with fragments of narrative and their natural ambiguities is the ability to re-purpose imagery for something new.

As with all my projects to date, this fictional story takes as its backdrop the rapid social and political change America underwent in the years 1964-74. Small town struggles become a microcosm of the national stage as conservative and liberal forces went head to head over issues such as Civil Rights, the Vietnam War, second-wave feminism and the Free Speech movement.

The work comprises individual images that represent fragments of narrative, leaving ambiguities enough for the viewer to create their own story. Rather than offering a definitive narrative thread, the story instead seeks to reflect the sense of internal crisis and dislocation that America experienced during this period up until the near dissolution of the political landscape with the Watergate scandal.