Project info

I am a collector.

Ever since I can remember, I have been collecting everything, particularly my own things as a sort of memorial.
Saving every single object is for me the first step of a possible collection: notebooks, cans, stuffed animals, receipts, batteries, or part of myself like teeth, hair and nails, just to mention some of them.
To keep and catalog objects has always given me pleasure. It started collecting memories and things that I was emotionally attached to, and it developed into an obsession to pile up ordinary objects in series.
The only complication I have is the space. Collecting requires al lot of space, which led me to find ways to let things go.

I have realized that to be able to throw anything away, I first need to celebrate the detachment taking pictures of it. The composition is the result of the entire process, the image is the purpose to achieve. By then, I convince myself that what I have collected will somehow survive. Especially using films as they don't leave me empty-handed.

The project Therapy is photography used as a remedy to an addiction.