The Drag Project
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Drag queens have caught my eye and fueled my curiosity ever since I saw one and, even more now as a photographer. To me, they are exquisite as photography subjects. They captivate me with their duality, colourfulness, flamboyance, boldness and irreverence. There is also an intriguing energy and mystery around them that makes me want to look at them closer and closer, as if I wanted to uncover the layers that make up these complex and fascinating performers. Through this series, I expose the artful and layered process of becoming a drag queen. It is my first exploration (of many more) into the lengthy, meticulous and, at times, painful metamorphosis of a man emerging as a woman.

I plunge into the unique transformation of Juan Gerardo, a Peruvian actor who works as a drag queen in Lima’s local scene. My images capture Juan Gerardo preparing for Lima’s 2019 Pride Parade. From the makeup to the hair and the clothes, I discreetly but closely accompany Juan Gerardo’s creative process attempting to capture the mood of the moment, the space and elements, his interactions and the beauty of self-transformation.