Worker’s dreams
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From being a poor province, Binh Duong has been gradually transforming itself into one of the most important industrial areas of Vietnam which possesses impressive figures on the number of businesses and industrial parks. According to the statistics, the influx of immigrants has been rushing in, leaving behind their indigent countryside; they come to this land with the simple desire of becoming a worker. Generation after generations, the desire carries on and naturally becomes a dream of their children.
With a fake job application that costs only 4 hundred thousand VND, a new name, a new age, a new identity are enough for the younglings to get a factory job like many other workers. Factories are occupied by these young people and filled with quiet dreams.
In the years of illegal labor under a new identity, a young worker could suffer a lot of wage scams, not entitled to health insurance, always on the edge of getting fired and losing their most basic rights… They don't ask much. Or perhaps, never could they have the right to ask for more. However, there were also days where the children get recognized by the law -when they just turned into their working age- and legally recruited, whilst only the previous day, they would still work illegally and were called by a different name.
Those seemingly ordinary things didn't reach many people. The dream of young workers still flows silently in the magnificent picture of Vietnam in this economic integration period. And whenever I looked at the big picture, I wondered, “who would protect these silent little dreams?”