Lao Chengnan, Old Town of Generations.
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Lao Chengnan (South area of Nanjing) may refer to people that have lived in Chengnan for generations and speak old Nankin accent. Many old buildings remain in Chengnan, especially the historical architectures centered on Fuzimiao. Unfortunately, many of these old dwellings and other residential architecture in Chengnan are disappearing due to urbanization, and scars need to be treated. Recently, preserving urban landscapes is one of the priorities for the city administration and culture preserving department in China, old buildings and historic fabrics are precious resources that express and define history and sustain the spirit of the city and the cultural identity of its inhabitants, they should be preserved.
So, in this series, I would like to present you with my personal perspectives on both of places and people, in order to express the relationship between people lived in Chengnan and those historic buildings, and show how important that preserving Chengnan means to the city of Nanjing.