New City Views
Project info

What does it look like at the end of the subway line, miles away from the bustling streets of Manhattan, one of the most photographed places on Earth? 'New City Views' is the result of a yearlong exploration of the vastness of the four other boroughs of New York City – a territory that, while home to an overwhelming majority of the city’s population, has not been claimed visually, and remains largely unknown and mysterious.
As a foreigner living and working among those who are at the center of society, I felt the urge to literally go out my way and set out to document the invisible fringes of the city, using the clarity and precision of the large format view camera. Some of the places that I encountered have barely changed since the days of Berenice Abbott and still look like they did on the 1940s Tax Photos. A few others have already disappeared. None of them resembled the New York that we collectively imagine.
'New City Views' is a visual repository of territories that few of us will ever experience, which seeks to illustrate how intricately complex and multifaceted a landscape can be. By collecting and presenting unexpected views of the City, this work encourages the viewer to reflect on how partial and incomplete their understanding of reality can be. At the heart of 'New City Views' is the friction between myth and reality, and a realization that the dynamics of territorial exclusion are also at play within the city limits.
The ten images presented in this series are part of a larger body of work which ultimately will be published as a photo book.