Withered Plant
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Photo Series Featuring Nature with Its Cycle of Life, in the Microscopic World

Although all life comes to an end, the end is at the same time a beginning of the transition into something new. Small plants that exist by our side and we hardly take notice of also contain within themselves the majestic nature, and revolve their life force just the same. They are filled with a variety of expressions and dynamism that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and allow you to sense the mystery of the formation of life.

The Scanning Electron Microscope used during production uses a resolution of a few nanometers, which makes it possible to see things that you cannot see with ordinary light, allowing for microscopic images of the sample's surface with a realistic three dimensional effect.
The high resolution photographs of the minuscule, micrometer-scale structure of the withered plants from the Scanning Electorn Microscope helps to recreate the subject, for an expression of the beauty of the micro-world, where life and death coexist within its withering form, and the cycle of life can be seen.