It Takes Two to Tango
Project info

These images are a personal reflexion on the act of creating photography. For most of my photographic practise, I have been interested in still life, landscape and more generally in interpreting Nature in a personal way. But for the last year or so, I have been eager to push myself and try new things.

In June 2019 I decided to give a second try to nude photography, something that, by that time, I hadn’t done for some 20 years, since my days back in Art school. It was nerve racking, hard and exciting.

Creating pictures in the intimacy of a studio environment, with a model that you have to direct, is as far removed as it could be from being alone at the top of a hill. Time seems to tick at 3 times the normal rate. Both you and the model have to make decisions within seconds. As an artist, you have another human being to take into account, her movements, ideas, expressions, her own clock ticking and her eyes asking you for feedback after each pose.

The experience in that studio stuck with me for months. After many reviews and edits of the pictures, I decided to show the world the few ones that I believe communicate the experience in those moments: the closeness of the work between Alexandra and myself, the claustrophobic space, the race of the clock, the nerves, the awkwardness of it all.

It is an un-perfect piece of work from a photographer to other photographers, models and artists, because I think, I assume, that we all have had those same feelings at some point.