Womb Water
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Have you taken the time to look? Not around, not at anyone but really just look . . . At yourself. We live in a society that has overly stimulated the need for constant human interaction outside of the one with self. As a collective we have accepted this opinion as law. Alone is now synonymous to lonely although they are completely different. In "Womb Water" emotions transition from melancholy, to bliss, to even a phase of deep turmoil. These range of emotions are pieces of us that create a wholeness in identity. To avoid solitude and unhappiness is to avoid bits of ourselves. We increase the desire for instant gratification and toxic positivism this way. We exist in the light, the dark, the heaven and hell of all things. When we choose to embrace our true reflection we obtain the truth of Peace and we are abundant ; cup full of what you are, not what someone else told you to be. It is in those moments that we give birth to ourselves. We just have to pay attention