Time, Space, Reflection
Project info

'Interior, Exterior and Reflection' is a combinational collection of immense interior alongside vast exterior, exhibiting elemental components of both the grand and minuscule scale. With purposes in reference to the near and the far alike, this series is meant to inform the the mind closely, including proximity and one's own interior composition in direct correlation and parallel to the most outer universals and visualizations of beyond.

Time is held in balance, suspended for the eye, while simultaneously moving at lightening speed.
The luxury is that we have the current moment to ponder and reflect, to study and anticipate what has come before against what is forecast, and surely lies ahead.

With time allowed for one's self to witness, the structure of the beyond and the unfamiliar can become revealed, like a simple enigma unfolding, being illuminated in the raking afternoon's sunlight on the back porch.