Shape, Shadow and Structure
Project info

Geometry and architecture are inexorably bound. Shapes, curves, angles and lines give rise to construction that marries beauty and purpose.
Light, shadow and atmospheric change trick the eye and cause an ordinary structure to appear both static and dynamic.
This series is intended to encourage you to look at architecture with new eyes - to experience the majesty of form.
My goal was to place into stark relief the most basic of shapes – geometric – and examine them on their own terms.
All images were captured using standard DSLR shooting techniques, maximizing the effect that natural light has on moving clouds and water. Choosing various perspectives, using long exposure settings, and darkening filters produced black and white images that have an air of mystery and diffusion.
Blurred figures, soft, creamy clouds and placid, glass-like water combine to remove the viewer from reality and engage in a dialogue with a familiar yet altered world.