Myth of a Woman/ In Progress
Project info

I immigrated to Iceland from Boston 13 years ago. I am photographing myself on a path I never panned or expected.

I always dreamt of having a deep and meaningful connection with the land.

I live on a farm in East Iceland, where the landscape and the weather are infinitely changing. I document how people, nature and the animal world are intertwined.

The affects of a cross-culture life inspires the characters that I create. As a woman, I interpret these cultural stories in a primal and sensual way. To embody what is sometimes ordinary, sometimes purely feminine, and sometimes supernatural is to seek a way to make private images public.

For years I have been creating a visual inventory of my lifestyle. We live in time when the instantaneous has become the norm. Fast is never fast enough. The rituals of farming and hunting are slow, deliberate, and labor intensive.