Project info

Blackout. Interruption of the electrical circuits. Interruption of the logical thought. Loss of consciousness. I let emerge what is underneath, and I step into the new current, without knowing what I am doing, without knowing what I will be doing. In this sort of non-project, I take self-timer shots while slideshows run during the photo shoot. Performance. Something is being achieved now, overnight. I approach the oneiric dimension and I let everything else fall away. No control. Starting from my portrait, I move inside the concept of identity, on what I was, are, and will be. I crumple and deform the identity, to leave space for something greater. Going beyond the conventional self-portrait, I step out of myself and I become something else. Metamorphosis. I become a Wall, a Flower, a Prison, I become Stone, Water, I become Art. I become Neva.