Single Image Category - LCEA 2013
Project info

Generally, my research is guided by my intuitions. It is the reason why my work follows its own path, each question leading to others. My first series on the architecture of baroque churches shows some chaotic depictions in which one can make out human figures, such as angels or divinities. My aim was to produce allegories reminiscent of the spectacularity of modern societies. In the following series, I took an interest in general assemblies held by shareholders. The mechanisms used in places of worship and economic congresses are intimately connected and although they are represented by more "protestant" attributes, such assemblies preserve this idea of spectacularity. Additionally, one also rediscovers this idea of human presence throughout the compositions made up of a row of empty chairs. After that to magnify the acoustic dimension that reigns in these spaces, I made images of the shapes made by speech frequencies on a water. In this way, I wanted to highlight the idea that places of power, crossed by a flow of vibrations, can directly affect the body. I wanted to continue my research on other forms of vibrations and flows. However, I wanted to give more prominence to the human being. Without really knowing why, I immediately started focusing on folk gatherings because, in my opinion, they release a particular strength in an age in which everything seems to move towards globalisation. This idea of gathering clans, the domination of colours, in relation to tradition. all contribute to give distinctive tones and interlacing with different crowds.
To talk about inspirations,the Paintings of battles are very inspiring, one can even distinguish some figures; in others, the two armed bodies create an indefinite mass. Pollock as well because his works involve entirely different reading levels depending on the distance you taken.
He also had a contemplative way produce, almost shamanic, I often think to it when I am above this flow of energy that I attempt to capture.