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The Atlantic is the youngest of the world´s oceans. It was formed 200 million years ago. The Earth contains 525 million cubic kilometers of water, amount
that has not increased or decreased in the last 2000 million years.
A molecule of water, over a period os 100 years, spends 98 years in the ocean, 20 months in the form of ice, 2 weeks in lakes and rivers and one week in the atmosphere. Only 0,007% of the Earth´s water is potable.
Sunlight has no color, it is "white light". But in reality it is the union of different colors. One of those colors is blue, a cold color. How cold is the Atlantic water.
These two factors, the territory that borders that Ocean, and the light that illuminates it, are the inspiration of my project.
Blue color represents the dream, the unreal, the escape, the peace.