The drifting polar psyche
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The drifting polar psyche
The project explores the design of urban landscape as a psychological map of the reality of the Russian Arctic by way of Psychogeography.
Images of this project were taken in the urban reality of the places of the Murmansk region through strategic psycho-geographic means «derive», subjective transformation of urban space.
While my absent-minded strolling through these places I became immersed in kind of the city psyche, detached from the general order. I discovered the "drifting city psyche” that sharpens the junction between individualism and collectivism on the surface of the urban landscape, which is like an encrypted framework of social relations.
Murmansk, my homeplace is situated on the edge of Russia and on the edge of the earth. There's no sunshine here 42 days a year. The traces of military past, military reality, modern Russia and tradition are intertwined here. The positive transformation of the everyday environment by the residents cross the reality arranged by the state and based on memory culture. Heavy climatic conditions contrast with the bright urban design, which often refers us to the fairy-tale Russian motifs. This mix of subjective- and objective aspects, of the psychological- and material moments, of the criticism and self-criticism is emphasizing the dialectic of the project.
In “The drifting polar psyche” I’ve tried to bridge the gap between authoritarian regime and expression of individuality in my personal way, with some humour and a tinge of bitter feeling the same time.