She is Crossing The Sea
Project info

These images are part of a larger body of work that is based on the personal accounts of five Irish women who had to leave Ireland to avail of abortion services abroad.
I started the work in 2017 during the campaign to repeal the 8th Amendment. The 8th Amendment was a law in the Irish constitution that gave the foetus equal rights to its mother, thus making abortion illegal. It was repealed on 26th May 2018. I was aware of the strong visual campaign used by those who opposed legalising abortion and I wanted to create work that brought the woman back into the frame both literally and metaphorically. I interviewed five different women who had to make that journey to the UK and I created a series of images that represent common themes from their stories such as religious culture, time and stigmatisation. For this submission I have included five handwritten testimonies in the form of portraits with text and five images that were created in response to each woman’s experience of hiding their identity whilst carrying burdens that cannot be shared.