Visual Disobedience
Project info

This photo series was made during and after the “Velvet Revolution”. In 2018, a wave of protests and civil disobedience started in Armenia between April and May, to change the face of the government. The protests were not being held in any one specific location; they were in movement all the time. The protesters were blocking the streets to march from one area to another, to get their word across. What happened at that time was a unique historical event with unconventional ways to protest, which gave a new identity to the mass movement. Although the situation was constantly changing and the road to victory was dark and uncertain, the protesters were always highly motivated and convinced that they would fulfill their dream.
As the atmosphere was one of change, I in my turn took a step forward to unlearn what I knew and change my approach to photographic techniques. Inspired by the creative approach of the masses towards protest-for-change, I also chose to take photos to express myself through a kind of photography that I had often dreamed of, in an experimental way rather than documenting the protests or expressing any political message in a puritan way.